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Blue Clay

Not really an artifact, but something that was found in the Money Pit


Links of Chain

1849 During Truro Company drilling exploration of the Money Pit.. small links of chain (like one would use for a watch were recovered on the auger. 

Chain Links

Dan Blankenship reports finding chain links in one of the 10-X drillings. The construction of the links appears to be old, but it is also theorized that they could have been modern and dropped (accidentally, or as a joke) into the borehole and made to look "aged" by the drill beating them up. The links were never tested or dated.


Again, not really an artifact, but found in the Money Pit (probably used for breathing air?)

Coconut Fiber

Coconut Fiber
Money Pit, Smith's Cove
Discovered byMultiple People

There are many references to coconut fiber being found in the money pit, and surrounding the box drain in Smith's cove.[1]A small quantity of this fiber was dug up in 1916 and sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. This is the response they received:

The specimen of fiber submitted is undoubtedly from teh fibrous husks surrounding a coconut. This fiber is especially resistent to the effects of sea water and under the conditions under which it was found might have been there for hundreds of years.

Most intriguing is that no such fiber, material or substance is found elsewhere in Eastern Canada, either on it's shores, inland or nearby islands. 

Copper Coin

Reported in 1895 Oak Island Story[2] a copper coin was found dated 1317.