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Oak Island Tours
Oak Island Compendium
Oak Island Treasure
Oak Island Lot Five
Oak Island Mystery

I have discovered that there are quite a few websites related to Oak Island, some of which have very good information, and many of which are dormant. The websites listed below contain the most valuable and reliable information. Much of the initial (un-credited) information used in this wiki came from these sites so that I could build the basic structure for others to follow. I will systematically work through all the information and search out the references. Please continue to visit these sites and credit the original author where applicable.

Oak Island Tours is the official website for the team presently working on oak island. This site has very good information logically presented, but much of it appears to be a work in progress.

Oak Island Compendium & the blockhouse blog contain some of the best archival data on Oak Island. Doug Crowell (who many recognize from the TV show) is a major contributor to the site. I personally received Doug's blessing to use information from his sites on this wiki site in the interest of sharing information.

Like many of the other sites, this appears to have a good structure and the intention of good information. The information posted on this site is well documented and cited making it easy to validate. It doesn't appear that the information has been updated since 2015 so it's not a great source of current information, but clearly lots of effort was put into gathering good archival info.

For those that follow the TV show, you'll notice that lot 5 is rarely talked about. You can read more details on why this is in this article Oak Island Lot Five. In the interest of information sharing and neutrality I cannot take a stance on the feud, but the information and artifacts presented on this site are quite exhaustive. It would be nice if the years of conflict could be resolved and open sharing of information between the two parties- but again, not my place to get involved.

Oak Island Mystery has to have one of the most comprehensive library of historical documents and drawings regarding Oak Island. Many original letters from treasure hunters, phone transcripts and good factual information. OakIslandWiki site owner has obtained permission from Oak Island Mystery to use information found on their site as long as it is properly cited. Where possible I have included links to actual documents contained on this site. I highly encourage viewers to explore this site.


Facebook groups are a great place for anyone to comment without the burden of programming knowledge and/or referential integrity. Many of the "leads" I follow in determining what information to post and/or research further come from comments posted in one of the following facebook groups.



I have not yet read all of the books available about Oak Island as much of the information in these books is available online. I do intend to read these books when I get through all the information already gathered.

Curse Of Oak Island
The Curse of Oak Island
Author: Randall Sullivan
ISBN: 0802126936
The Templar Mission
The Templar Mission
Author: Zena Halpern
ISBN: 154474451X
Oak Island Obsession
Oak Island Obsession: The Restall Story
Author: Lee Lamb
ISBN: 1550026259
Secret Treasure of Oak Island
Secret Treasure of Oak Island
Author: D'Arcy O'Connor
ISBN: 1493037005
Secret Of Oak Island
Revealed, The secret of Oak Island
Author: Laverne Johnson
ISBN: 0969519907
Captain Kidd Book
Captain Kidd and his Skeleton Island
Author: Harold T. Wilkins
ISBN: 1974617033
Oak Island Mystery Book
The Oak Island Mystery
Author: Reginald Harris
ISBN: 0770001351
Oak Island Encyclopedia
The Oak Island Encyclopedia
Author: Hammerson Peters
ISBN: 0993955886
Oak Island Connection
The Oak Island Connection
Author: Kerrin Margiano
ISBN: 153304239X
Oak Island Treasure
The Mystery of Oak Island- 200 years
Author: Mark Reynolds
ISBN: 1459403150
Oak Island Lost Treasure
Oak Island and its Lost Treasure
Author: Graham Harris
ISBN: 1459505727

TV Shows

The Curse of Oak Island Like many, this TV ignited my interest in Oak island not only for the obvious search for treasure but also because of the manner in which they search and present information. Just like any other source, there are plenty of theories that have to be researched. The show brings many theories to light and of course the collective minds of all the followers.






Online archives


Other Sources