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[1]John's stone reads: In memory of John Smith a native of Boston US who died Sept 29 1857 aged 82 years. The date first given in your earlier posting, is not correct, as you surmised. We can add another 20 years to the age. By all accounts, this is our man. The age is right, and it corresponds to your earlier newspaper account that he died Sept 30 aged 83 years. A small mystery solved, the location of Oak Island treasure hunter and farmer, John Smith IMO. Anne's stone says: In memory of Anne Floyd wife of John Smith who died Dec 19 1852 aged 69 years. Obviously, Anne was not his first wife as she was born in 1783, just two years before the birth of his first child John in 1783. We have another mystery. 

The third stone there is of a Rachel Smith who died at age 31. There is a fourth in a line, and it is very hard to read. I scraped off the lichens and could barely make out the surname Smith, the first name is truly a guess and could possible be Thomas. This last stone is quite small and that is usually indicative of a deceased child.