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Marty Lagina
Born(1955-08-26)August 26, 1955
Kingsford, Michigan, United States
EducationUniversity of Michigan (1982), Michigan Technological University (1977)
Alma materUniversity of Michigan, Michigan Technological University
Known forOak Island Treasure Hunting
Notable work
Mari Vineyard
Spouse(s)M Olivia Lagina

Marty Lagina[edit]

[1]Born in Kingsford on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Marty has spent nearly all his life living in Michigan. His background is in engineering and the energy business, but with family ties to one of Italy’s premier winegrowing areas, a passion for wine is in his blood. Marty’s vision for Mari Vineyards is simple: world-class red wines, made locally in northern Michigan but with a nod to the Italian style of his ancestors.

When he’s not off hunting treasure on Oak Island or on some other ill-advised misadventure, Marty’s vision and leadership guide the most important decisions at Mari Vineyards. From what grapes to plant to the architecture of our tasting room and winery, Marty has made sure Mari Vineyards stays true to his dream.

Rick Lagina
Born(1952-01-25)January 25, 1952 January 25, 1952
Alma materUnknown
Known forOak Island Treasure Hunting

Rick Lagina[edit]

Rick Lagina started off his career as a delivery man at the post office working for several years then retired. Later, he began a career in the treasure hunt at the Oak Island. And his career took off after appearing on the reality television series “The Curse of Oak Island” broadcasted on History Channel.

Alex Lagina
Traverse, Michigan USA
EducationUniversity of Michigan
Alma materUniversity of Michigan
Known forOak Island Treasure Hunting
Notable work
Mari Vineyard

Alex Lagina[edit]

[2]After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in mechanical engineering, Alex moved back to his hometown of Traverse City to take part in the family business. With the success of the award winning Mari Vineyards wines, his focus was shifted to support the expansion of the vineyards and the construction of the new winery on Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan.

When Alex is not working on the development of the winery, he is out filming for the Curse of Oak Island. The show follows Alex, his father Marty Lagina and his uncle Rick Lagina as they attempt to use modern technology to hunt for treasure on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia.