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You may be interested to know that many generations of relatives have been involved in the hunt. The image to the right show all the people (highlighted in yellow) that are related. 

Spanning over 200 years, the oak island mystery has had hundreds of people involved either directly as treasure hunters or theorized players.      


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  • Samuel Ball
  • Charles Barkhouse- Oak Island historian
    • Is he related to John Barkouse mentioned in Samuel Ball's will (Grandson, Simeon, to have the half of the 100 acre lot between John Barkhouse and Daniel Mc Innis, the Ploughed Land, house and barn from John Mc Innis's line.)
  • Jack Begley
  • Frederick Blair- (holder of the treasure hunting rights 1933 Canadian Oak Island Treasure Hunting)
  • Daniel (Dan) Blankenship
  • David (Dave) Blankenship
  • H.L. Bowdoin
    • Colliers "Solving the mystery of OakIsland" Pg1, Pg2, Pg3




  • John Gammell
  • [1]Col H. A. Gardner
    • 1947 made arrangement with Mr. Hedden to investigate the island with a radar device. 
    • Conducted investigations in 1947 and 1948 finding nothing
    • Purchased all land formerly owned by Hedden.
  • [2]George J. Green- Texas Oil driller
    • 1955 obtained permission to drill on land- but never found anything of significance


  • Zena Halpern
  • [3]William and Victor Herman 
    • 1956- visited Oak Island 
    • 1957- wrote letter requesting permission to explore on Oak Island requesting 50% of the finds (after 5% paid to province)
    • Solicited shares under the name "Oak Island exploration Co" with 1,000,000 shares at $0.25 each
    • Drilled cores to 153ft and 171ft 
    • Never reported results of cores following analysis


  • Maynard Kaiser
  • Madam Kincade (Clairvoyant known to travel Nova Scotia area and offer her services)


  • Alex Lagina
  • Marty Lagina
  • Rick Lagina
  • Lee Lamb
  • John Whitney Lewis- New York Engineer
    • 1950 purchased the portion of land involved in the treasure hunt.
    • Lewis prohibited Blair (or anyone else) from entering his land for the purpose of treasure hunting
    • Blocked by Blair from seeking treasure based on Blair holding the treasure license allthough Lewis owned the land.
    • Ultimately sold his holdings to M.R. Chappell
  • Dr. David Barnes Lynds





  • Robert Restall
  • Ricky Restall
  • [4]Edward Reichert-
    • 1946 intended to dig an 80ft pit to 200ft, estimating 8-10 months of work.
    • After discussion with F.L. Blair decided not to go any further with the plan.
  • Daniel Ronnstam (Amateur cyptographer, COOI 2:5)




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