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Editor Notes[edit]

As I research specific areas of the site, I continually come across other information that I want to come back to- rather than take the time to drop everything I'm doing I use this page as a placeholder where I can take notes and then come back to them later when I'm ready to make entries in the right locations.



  • There really seems to be an incestuous relationship with the archibalds and James Pitblado- I'd like to do some digging on that and see if it can be proved that the "mysterious" discovery by James was totally fabricated. Need to find Pitblado's treasure trove license, etc in order to fulfil this. 
  • Diana Young Gregory. Diana is a relative of the Vaughan family and very interested in the Oak Island Mystery.  Her research uncovered a newspaper article from September 9th, 1991 (as pertaining to three chests being recovered)