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[EDITOR COMMENT]- clearly has the best overall timeline. I encourage you to visit their site for specific details pertinent details are paraphrased below.



1804: Onslow Company

1849: The Truro Company

1861: Oak Island Association

1865: Oak Island Contract Company

1866-1867: Oak Island Eldorado Company

1892-1901: Oak Island Treasure Company

1909: The Old Gold Salvage Wrecking Company

1912-1914: Oak Island Salvage Company

1916-1918: William S Lozier

1921-1922: Edward Browne

1931-1932: William Chappell

1933-1934: Canadian Oak Island Treasure

1935-1938: Gilbert Hedden

1938-1943: Professor Hamilton

1946: Nathan Lindebaum

1950: John Whitney Lewis

1951: M.R. Chappell and Fred Blair

1955: George Greene

1958: Harmon Brothers

1959-1965: Restall Family

1965-1966: Robert Dunfield



1969-2007: Triton Alliance

2007: Oak Island Tours